beet smoothie

We Got the Beets

In an effort to blog more often, I’m going to post some shorter bits of tastiness when I can. Shorter bits like this brilliant smoothie discovery!

beet smoothie

A while ago, I had the revelation that a lot of veggies get their tasty greens discarded: carrots, beets, radishes, etc. Well, after a quick google search to make sure they wouldn’t kill me, I started eating these greens. You’ll never believe what happened next! Just kidding, I ate greens and they were good and that’s pretty much the end.

Except! I have been doing some pretty kickass meal-planning and making lots of fresh eats, which means I have greens lying around. I bought a new kind of protein that is unsweetened and unflavored which I LOVE because it’s so versatile. So I wanted to pass along this recipe that uses beet greens.

blueberry smoothie

Also, I use the term “recipe” loosely.

Beet Green Blueberry Smoothie

Beet greens (leaves with some of the stems, washed and roughly chopped, about a cup)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
8 oz of any milk
1 scoop protein powder (you could do yogurt or silky tofu)
Optional: dash of orange juice, spoonful of chia seeds or hemp hearts, tbsp walnuts

I’ve been learning that green smoothies turn out great when you cut the bitterness of rougher raw greens with acidic and sweet fruits. Sometimes I go for half milk and half OJ for this reason. I also tried swiss chard with strawberries in half milk and half orange juice. That turned out super yummy, too.

I have radish greens to use next. We’ll see how that shakes out!