My Golden Boy: The Grand Rapids Bridge Run Shirt

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When I think about my favorite race shirt, I think of this shirt. When I think about my favorite t-shirt ever, I think of this shirt. When my friends and I remember our favorite races from the last year, we mention this run because of the huge metal and how much we loved the shirt. Want to know why?

Because it’s amazing!

My husband has been making fun of me because I am super in love with this race shirt that I received last fall. I did the Bridge Run in Grand Rapids for the first time, and it was incredible! Great race, pretty flat, lots of crowd support, and of course a comically-huge medal. Seriously. That medal is out of control. But the best thing about the race is the race shirt.

grand rapids bridge run medal
My Bridge Run medal also doubles as a dinner plate for spaghetti night.

Runners know that a perfect race shirt is a beautiful and rare athletic unicorn. It has to be the right color and material so that it doesn’t show every tiny piece of fuzz or kitty hair that falls on it. And the graphics have to be at least a little cool and color-coordinated. It has to be long enough, and the sleeves have to fit right. Sizing must be realistic, too. I don’t know how many race shirts I have that are okay, but I don’t wear them much because they are messed up in one of those categories.

my Grand Rapids bridge run shirt
Hey there, Golden Boy.

The Grand Rapids Bridge Run shirt, though—totally different!

Why This Race Shirt is The Best

  • It’s super soft. It feels worn in already, but it’s not! Well, mine is.
  • The color is perfect. I love the original Sleeping Bear Marathon shirt that I got for my first marathon, but it’s white! I had coffee and spaghetti on that shirt immediately. Not this one. This one stands up to the best clumsy-hungry-woman and toddler feats of messiness.
  • The design is alright. I mean, a little predictable, but I like the colors of their race branding.
  • It runs big. I am so sick of having to buy large or extra large shirts that still don’t fit loosely. Uh, dudes, I am usually a small in men’s shirts, and those are loose. Why on earth am I buying a women’s XL? Not the Bridge Run shirt. I got a small thinking as a unisex shirt that it would be fine, and it is indeed perfect.

Like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Golden Boy,” this shirt makes it into the laundry every time. I wear it first out of each load of laundry. I wear it for the day, and then wear it to bed because it’s that comfortable. I wear it to work, but that’s not unusual because I do everything in my active wear. Do you know why it took me so long to write this post? Because I wanted to get a good pic of myself in this shirt, but every time I thought about it, the shirt was dirty. That’s because I always wear it! So here are some pics of it dirty and I don’t are. It still looks glorious.

grand rapids bridge run race shirt
Ooh yeah gurl.

Between the course, the medal, and my Golden Boy, I’ll do the Bridge Run every year if they promise not to change.

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