grand rapids spring training

Spring Training Check-In

Alright, so it feels like spring training is in mid swing, but technically we’re just barely into spring. So now that winter is over (heh), where are we at for spring training, races, miles, and more?

2016 spring training check in

Props to Grand Rapids Running Club

First, big thanks to Grand Rapids Running Club. I’ve been doing the training runs every Saturday (when I’m not racing or doing the RBR training runs) and I can honestly say this is the first year I’ve felt really ready for River Bank. Everyone is super nice, they have water and fuel stops, and people keep an eye out for each other, make sure everyone knows where they’re going, etc. It’s a great group and perfect location for me.

Gazelle Girl is April 17!

gazelle girlAhh! Gazelle Girl has a special place in my heart. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m getting really excited for this race! The weather forecast keeps changing, but I’m really hoping to stay dry. That’s all I ask. I think with a few little changes to the course that it may be a bit flatter this year. Since I’ve been training rolling courses for RBR, I think Gazelle Girl will be a great run. I can’t PR because I’m a pacer (woo!), but it’s going to be unforgettable! There’s still time to sign up for the half or the 5k, and if you don’t want to do that, come cheer us on!

Come to Traverse City Trail Running Festival!

Yay! TC Trailfest is here! Well not here. There, and then. April 22–23, at Timber Ridge. It’s such a great crowd, and there’s always fun and good beer and campfire smell. Mmm. “The Traverse City Trail Running Festival is northern Michigan’s premier celebration of off-road running. The courses will take runners through the Pere Marquette Forest on a variety of single track and two track trails. The festival begins with a two-person 10k relay (each runner runs 5k) on Friday evening, and the 10k, 25k, and 50k individual races get underway on Saturday morning.”

Run Michigan Cheap – Howard City

This is a new one for me. I’ve never done a Run Michigan Cheap race, but I hear good things. Twenty-five bucks for a nice run, t-shirt, and a medal? Sure, I’ll do that. Howard City is only about 30 minutes outside of GR, so it won’t be the kind of thing that takes all day. Plus, there’s a 5k and 10k distance as well as the half. I’ll check it out and let you know!

I’m Coming For You, River Bank Run!

spring trainingCan I just say—I know we all love the River Bank Run, but she is also a harsh mistress. Training on the course for RBR makes me realize why I’ve run this race several times and am always slower than I thought I’d be: it’s hilly! No one talks about how hilly it is, but boy. I do still love the race, though. Like a million people show up for it (or about 18,000) rain or shine, and I just can’t miss it.

There are so many other awesome things coming up. I’ll be trying the Kzoo Marathon course for the first time (half, of course), and there are some fun runs going on after River Bank craziness is over. It’s going to be such a good year for running!

How is your training going?