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Long Run Saturday: October Edition

What a nice morning for a run! There were a few things that fell from the sky at one point, and they looked awfully suspicious. Strangely like white flecks of coldness. But then the sun came out, and downtown was bustling, and it was a perfect long run Saturday.

diabetes walk grand rapids long run saturdaySomething with diabeetus was going on at Rosa Parks Circle. I think the were doing a walk. Everyone was super jazzed and it was cool to see a hoppin’ wellness event going on. Of course, downtown was a buzz with nerds going to Comic Con, too. I saw a random guy on the street in a bright blue suit with a cartoony plastic gun. Not sure who he was supposed to be, but I support cosplay on the streets of Grand Rapids.

Also, there is a brew shop coming in on Seward apparently? On the west side. It’s called Roots. It sounds sweet: beer, coffee, wine, and fresh food. Doesn’t get better than that.

long run saturday with drenergyNext week is our fall run party at Riverside Park on Saturday morning. If you’re interested in cider, donuts, and running, hit me up!