Hey, That’s Me!

Oh yeah, I got interviewed for a magazine. 

dren and wally magSee, the thing about me is that whenever people say, “We’re looking for someone to share their story,” I’m the kid in the front with their hand up going “ooh oooh pick me!” I try to make my stories interesting. I think my life is semi-interesting. For as much as I just watch old episodes of Project Runway or sit in silence after my baby goes to bed, I also do a fair amount of things. Some of them include mild fun and the occasional plot twist. A good amount of lolz.

Anyway, I’m too tired to write anything interesting about this. Check out page 40 of Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. That’s me and my pasty ginger baby! I talk about my 4th year running the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon (and why you should run it or the 5k because it’s amazing and gives you feels), how I ran pregnant, joining Team Priority Health and signing up Wally with me, and lots of other fun silly facts about my journey from smoker/couch potato to runner.

My derpy face and silly stories aside, it feels really good to be a strong, active role model for my son. UH OH. FEELS!