Hello from Drenmark

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Welcome to Drenmark! I finally bought a domain: drenergize.com. I have a bunch of blog posts written that I just need to format. I need to actually build my site and think through some of the branding and nerdy marketing stuff that I love. Can’t wait to really get started so that I can build a little more of a following and get people excited about running with me. I’d really like to do a few pragmatic things, too, like putting together a list of free exercise classes and fitness groups in Grand Rapids. There are so many, but nobody has them all in one place! I could totally do that.

So keep an eye out! I’m on Instagram @drenergize, Twitter @drenergize, and soon this will be drenergize.com. Body by Drenergy: Shower Beer For All! That should def be my tagline.

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