Grand Rapids Running Events: All Things That are Good!

There are so many good things happening right meow! I can hardly contain myself. If you’re looking for Grand Rapids running events, have I got news for you.

grand rapids running eventsTraining, training, training! There are so many training runs starting up this month. As you, pretty much every runner in Grand Rapids and most of the runners from Muskegon, Gravey Havey, and every other surrounding town are training for River Bank. Pretty much 1 million people do that run, so it’s no wonder there are so many training groups to choose from.

Gazelle Girl Half Marathon does monthly meetups for the race from now until April, too. Of course, they’re doing the double-down medals again this year, so you’d have to be crazy to do Gazelle Girl and NOT do River Bank too for the sweet bling!

Grand Rapids Running Club meets at John Ball Zoo Saturday mornings at 8am (I suggest you get there at 7:45am especially if you’re new). They are a super friendly, supportive group, and they do a nice out and back from the zoo parking area off of Fulton. Afterwards, come with me to Bitter End! Yum! Their runs are free for the public, but you can join da club and get a bunch of benefits. I haven’t figured that out yet.

Run GR’s group just had their training kickoff and is doing a 5k this weekend, but I don’t know a whole lot about them. I just know that they have memberships and they run a lot, as any good running group should, right? Anyway, visit their website if you’re interested!

Do you know of other Grand Rapids running events coming up, training groups, etc? Comment if you do and I will add them to my list! I’m happy to spread the word so people can find others to support and to support them. 😉

Happy miles!

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