drenergize gazelle girl aid station volunteering

Grand Rapids Marathon Volunteering: Gazelle Girl Aid Station

I signed up for Grand Rapids Marathon volunteering because I wanted to help rep Gazelle Girl!

I got up super early like a crazy person, put on a million layers, and headed out to the Grand Rapids Marathon course on Sunday. I was at mile 8.4. It was cold and I discovered that some runners are shockingly bad at aid station transactions, but it was fun.

Also, it was the first time that I got to wear my new winter coat. I bought it in June because I’m cheap and it was cute and super on sale. I know, I know. This is super interesting.

drenergize volunteer shirtsAnyway, if you’ve never volunteered for a race, I highly recommend it! Generally people will feed you, give you a shirt, and tell you a million thank-yous. If you don’t like t-shirt shopping, this is a great way to expand your wardrobe. Make sure to volunteer at various times during the year so that your color palette is diverse.

grand rapids marathon courseAre you interested in volunteering at a race? Look for one that sounds fun to you, or let me talk you into volunteering with one of my races. In fact, you should volunteer for the Jingle Bell Run in Grand Rapids on December 5th! It will be fun and festive and chocolately. Get more information on race volunteering here.