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How to Go Backpacking with Kids

Well, I did it! I took my son backpacking for the first time. Surprisingly, it was also my first time backpacking. You’d think that an avid camper and hiker like myself who has done almost every type of camping would have made that happen in the last 32 years, but nope. Until now!

Staying Clean While Camping

I joke about being a sweat monster or mud beast, but one thing that I think turns a lot of people off to camping is that they are unhappy when they feel dirty. We can take care of that! I want to help make the outdoors more fun for everyone, so here is my advice […]

too hot to run

So You Had an Epic Run Fail

Has this ever happened to you? You train and train for months to run a race, put both brawn and brain power into everything leading up to this event, and then race day comes and—for whatever reason—it ends in a big ol’ fail? Well, me too, and it sucked. And this is how I’m getting […]

2018 Frostbite Marathon Relay

The Frostbite Marathon Relay never fails to amaze me with how delightfully unpredictable and off-the-wall it is. It’s basically the lakeshore’s equivalent to the Barkley Marathons, only it always starts on time at 8am. Thankfully Alan has never decided to start the race in the middle of the night. Yet.