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I miss long runs.

Since I started grad school last year, I haven’t been able to train for any long runs. I stopped running in April after a bad race and only kept up with a few 5k or 10k races in 2017. Then I somehow managed to do okay at the Bridge Run 10-miler, but that was not […]

Rivertown Races: Half Marathon Race Review

Rivertown Races take place in April at Millennium Park outside Grand Rapids and include a 5k and half marathon. The race has all of the necessities: chip timing, medals, a shirt, aid stations, and, uh, people. I think I registered a little late and got in for $60, too, so not high for a half, […]

The Best Time to Run a Marathon

When is the best time to run a marathon? It’s a surprisingly popular question. Runners want to know what they can do to make a PR a little more attainable, so if that means using the calendar and betting on good weather or probability of flaking out, they’ll do it. To answer the question of the […]

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How far is a marathon?

It’s a question that marathon runners get asked a lot. People who don’t run (we call them ‘normies’—just kidding!) don’t know what those goofy number stickers on our cars mean, so we frequently explain that a marathon is 26.2 miles. Everyone realizes that it’s a crazy-far distance. Still, it’s hard to really imagine how far twenty-six […]