They Call it a POWER SHOWER!

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Only have a short lunch hour or don’t have a shower at the gym? Try some shower wipes! They exist and they are awesome for a rushed workout or basic and shower-less gym setup.

nathan power shower wipesCheck these bad boys out. I frequently go to the gym during my lunch, but I hate to cut my gym time down just so that I can shower afterward. See, I’m like Kramer where I suck at taking a short shower. I sing. I dance. I soap up. Anyway, my solution was to try some of these wacky Nathan Power Shower wipes. They were awesome! The Nathan ones are the first ones I’ve tried so far, but they passed my test. I just wish they were a little cheaper since I can blast through a package in a month or two. But the key is to not get too sweaty. I work out in an air-conditioned gym and almost never do cardio.

Better than baby wipes, they smell good and work well without leaving a stickiness that you can get from regular baby wipes.

Have you tried an athletic wipe that cleans your business? Hit me up and I will try them out. Come back for my post on how to pack a gym bag and we’ll cover all of my gym-loving secrets.

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