About Dren

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drenergize dren asselmeier winter runningThanks for visiting my website! I’m Dren Asselmeier and this is what I do. I run, write, live outside, and do mom stuff. I’m pretty much a super-skilled extrovert with big dreams and lots of motivation to make it happen.

I’m the Dealer Communications Lead at Herman Miller. It’s awesome! You can learn more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions or need professional advice, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m pretty full as far as school, freelance, and volunteer projects are concerned, but I’m always open for a chat. I’m happy to refer people to one of my many friends who are in similar creative roles and do great work.

My goal is to show people how fun it can be to participate in runs, go camping, face challenges, and get some exercise and fresh air—especially as a family.

I’m a big fan of using evidence-based info and reputable science to understand the world, so no, I am not interested in joining your weird woo, pyramid scheme, cult, etc. Thanks anyway!

Beyond that, I’m a pragmatic bargain hunter, and I love sharing tips and life hacks as well as stories and laughs. I love supporting other women and passing along any mom insight I have as well as lending a hand or ear whenever possible.

Thanks for learning more about me! Visit my contact page to see how we can connect.