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How far is a marathon?

It’s a question that marathon runners get asked a lot. People who don’t run (we call them ‘normies’—just kidding!) don’t know what those goofy number stickers on our cars mean, so we frequently explain that a marathon is 26.2 miles. Everyone realizes that it’s a crazy-far distance. Still, it’s hard to really imagine how far twenty-six […]

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5 Ways to Pick Your First Marathon

So you’ve caught the bug! Yes, yes. We’re all basically crazy people, but you probably know that from your existing running habit. Of course, the statistic that many people cite is that less than 1% of the population has run a marathon. Maybe that’s because running 26.2 miles is 100% bananas, but regardless, you’re about […]

4 Signs You’ve Got Runner’s Brain

Does anyone else feel like they have runner’s brain? Like being a runner makes your smarter and happier, but it also makes you a little bit…not right? It’s obviously true. For example, we shell out $100 to go run for 4 hours. I’m paying someone else so that I can go run on the street. And […]

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5 Reasons to Run a 5k Right Meow

Dude. I get it. There is something about training and running super-long distances that gives you feels that nothing else can provide. I’ve been there. Usually once a quarter, I go, “I should totally run another marathon.” I look at race pics and dream races and I fantasize about having the time and energy to […]

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Grand Rapids is for Runners

Grand Rapids has gotten some street cred lately over becoming a pretty active city. I never really thought about it before because I’ve only ever lived in West Michigan and in Buffalo, NY, which also had a pretty awesome running community. It’s true, though. We have tons of awesome races, groups, and more. Think Grand […]