7 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Run

Why Winter is the Best Time to Run

I know so many people who readily admit that they suck at running in the winter, and their training really drops off once they aren’t comfortable running outside. They don’t know that winter is the best time to run. They’re basically Fair Weather Runners. 

Grand Rapids Jingle Bell Run 2015

Ahh! The 2015 Grand Rapids Jingle Bell Run was so much fun! I raised $115, too! I’ve never fundraised for a race before. Go team drenergize! Wally and I ran it as our first mother runner plus baby brown bear 5k and it was so sweet. Not too bad of pace, either!

best free workout resources

Best Free Workout Resources

Getting motivated to work out, sticking with it, and keeping your workout habits consistent are hard enough without also adding in payments and fees. The truth is, there are tons of free resources available if you know where to look. Good news, everyone! I’ve been looking for years, and I’m notoriously cheap, so I want […]