Let’s Be 100% Honest

So I have been terrible about writing blogs over the last few weeks. As a professional writer and marketer who advocates for having several weeks of content written ahead of time, I should probably be hiding and concealing my face instead of broadcasting to the internet that I am really sucking at internetting right now. Instead of doing that, though, I’m going to be 100% honest about why I’ve been in a rut and what I’ve been doing instead of running and blogging.  Continue reading

how long is a marathon

How far is a marathon?

It’s a question that marathon runners get asked a lot. People who don’t run (we call them ‘normies’—just kidding!) don’t know what those goofy number stickers on our cars mean, so we frequently explain that a marathon is 26.2 miles. Everyone realizes that it’s a crazy-far distance. Still, it’s hard to really imagine how far twenty-six miles is, so I’ve made this handy comparison guide.

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so tired right meow

5 Reasons to Run a 5k Right Meow

Dude. I get it. There is something about training and running super-long distances that gives you feels that nothing else can provide. I’ve been there. Usually once a quarter, I go, “I should totally run another marathon.” I look at race pics and dream races and I fantasize about having the time and energy to do 18-mile training runs on the reg. I remember fondly the days when I was eating like a horse, cat napping in the afternoon, running before or after work with no regard for caring for another person (because I didn’t have one). Ahh, the carefree life of a childless marathoner. Then reality sets in.

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chafing tips

Yikes! Prevent & Treat Chafing

New runners usually don’t know that among the running community, we only have one rule: there is no TMI. I don’t know if other sports are the same way as running or if it’s unique to us, but between snot rockets, “runner’s trots,” and uni-boob, there’s nothing that’s off-limits when it comes to asking questions and getting advice to help us run more comfortably. Continue reading