how to get started lifting weights

Women: How to Get Started Lifting Weights in 3 Steps

It’s obvious that my rants about women and weight lifting have struck a chord with people around the internet. I frequently talk to women about lifting because they see me and the progress I’ve made and how much I’m enjoying myself, and they want in on it too. So I’m not even going to talk about why I think women should lift weights at every age, the health benefits of resistance training, or how awesome it can make you look and feel. I’m just going to jump into the three¬†things that have helped me get started lifting and feeling confident in the weight room.¬† Continue reading

heart candies

14 Reasons I’d Rather Receive a Valentine’s Race Entry Than Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is upon us! With all the talk of engagements and rings and heart-shaped jewelry, it got me thinking about how CJ and I celebrate: typically he buys me a race and I buy him a video game. Hey man, you gotta keep the magic alive by bankrolling the other person’s hobbies that they do by themselves. Haha. But seriously, holidays are to celebrate who you are and who you love, so I’m all about it. Continue reading