don't say the word muslces

Whatever You Do, Don’t Say the Word Muscles

I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about women in the weight room getting a man-splaining even when they know what they’re doing. And it may be subtle that the tiny weights at the gym are dollhouse colors while the ones over ten pounds are MAN colors, but it’s still really annoying and patronizing. I live in the fitness world because of my involvement with the running community, and because I sometimes guest post on fitness blogs, but I haven’t had anyone try to censor my writing or steer me away from promoting topics related to strength for women.

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register now train later

Register Now—Train Later!

I have this method of signing up for and running races. See, ever since the first race I decided to do, I’ve frequently signed up for races when I wasn’t able to run that distance. Because what fun is it to only sign up for races at your current level? I’m the kind of person that needs motivation. I mean, I can motivate myself I guess, but the threat of going to a race that I’m not ready for—that’s a bigass reason for me to get my butt up and running.  Continue reading