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Fitness Hacks: Make a Protein Powder Dispenser from the Baby Section for $1

Check it out. I saw my friend using one of these bad boys to make a bottle and I knew right away that it would be PERFECT as a protein powder dispenser. I found them at the dollar store. It’s got three sections inside, so you just rotate the lid and dump your powder out. No mess pouring it into a bottle, either. I love this darn thing. I fill it up twice a week so that I always have some on hand, and then I throw it in my gym bag. Baddabing baddaboom. Continue reading

best free workout resources

Best Free Workout Resources

Getting motivated to work out, sticking with it, and keeping your workout habits consistent are hard enough without also adding in payments and fees. The truth is, there are tons of free resources available if you know where to look. Good news, everyone! I’ve been looking for years, and I’m notoriously cheap, so I want to share the bounty of free fitness resources with you.

I’m basically the George Costanza of the fitness world. Continue reading