how to run with a baby

10 Tips on How to Run with a Baby (in a Jogging Stroller)

I had to clarify in the title because I didn’t want you to think you can just strap your little angel to your chest and take off for a 5k.

You have a baby! Congratulations! Isn’t that grand. And you’re a runner! Or you want to be a runner. Also grand. As any newish parent soon learns, you basically have no time to do anything. Simple projects like sorting mail have become staggeringly difficult to accomplish. If you’re lucky, you get a little sleep (sometimes). Yet for some reason, you’ve decided that you want to get into or get back to running. Yay! It’s good for you. Just keep telling yourself that. Continue reading

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10 Tips from a First Time Marathoner

Aww, I was just a baby! Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago, but I was a relatively new runner. It’s fun to look back and remember life at that time, pre-baby! šŸ˜‰ This was a post that I wrote for Re-posting here for fun, but definitely head over to the Michigan Runner Girl site and see what Heather’s been up to because she’s awesome. Continue reading

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Long Run Saturday: October Edition

What a nice morning for a run! There were a few things that fell from the sky at one point, and they looked awfully suspicious. Strangely like white flecks of coldness. But then the sun came out, and downtown was bustling, and it was a perfect long run Saturday.

diabetes walk grand rapids long run saturdaySomething with diabeetus was going on at Rosa Parks Circle. I think the were doing a walk. Everyone was super jazzed and it was cool to see a hoppin’ wellness event going on. Of course, downtown was a buzz with nerds going to Comic Con, too. I saw a random guy on the street in a bright blue suit with a cartoony plastic gun. Not sure who he was supposed to be, but I support cosplay on the streets of Grand Rapids. Continue reading